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In recent years consumption of rubber and rubber products has increased to levels unknown in the last one decade. Introduction of new models of passenger cars, and heavy trucks has relatively increased the consumption of tires, thus leading to a huge quantity of disposable scrap tires causing concerns of pollution and waste management.

Waste tire recycling has assumed a very significant progress particularly for developing countries, which until recently was a neglected area. Economical and commercial benefits can be achieved from these scrap tires by a process of recycling (Pyrolysis) by which  by-products such as  Fuel oil, Carbon black, Steel & Flammable gas in commercial quantities and within pollution control norms can be derived – spreading thereby green revolution, as there is no harmful residual waste to be taken care of. Tire disposal involves waste that is generally homogeneous and contains resources where used tire recovery for beneficial reuse is desirable. Pyrolysis, Liquefaction, and Gasification are potential disposal/recovery technologies that have been considered for application to different wastes/recovery technologies which have been considered for different wastes. Of these three technologies, PYROLYSIS is the most common.

We at BHARTI HYDRO CARBON have successful business acumen being associated with industries like Mining, Infrastructure and Power Generation; we now have successful ventures in implementing a program of spreading and promoting GREEN ENERGY. We supply, install and commission batch type Tire Pyrolysis plants from 5 Tons per Day (TPD) to 12 TPD capacity. Installation of these plants is successfully contributing towards waste tire management.



5-10 Ton

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